Spa Marketing Strategies with Case Studies

A well-thought-out spa marketing plan is essential if you want your spa company to stand out from the competition. As for getting started, the beginning of the year might be a good time to get things moving in the right direction.

To assist you in keeping up with the most current marketing strategies, we have compiled the most significant spa marketing concepts and successful case studies for 2021. Look over these suggestions, talk them over with your team, and be ready to put them into action in your promotions.

So let’s get started!

Why Running a Spa is a Unique Business

Owning Equipment

When you decide to open your own company, you will acquire your salon’s equipment.

The good news is that you can acquire high-quality spa equipment at a reasonable price from websites such as However, you have to purchase the equipment, but you also have to keep the equipment in good working order to guarantee that it continues to function correctly.

If you decide not to run a salon and instead want to work in one, you must first learn what is required of you in that setting.

While you will most likely be needed to pay a booth fee, you may also be asked to carry some of your equipment to the event. Therefore, before going to the salon, you should speak with the proprietor about your expectations.

Scheduling Hours

As a salon owner, you are responsible for determining the hours of operation for your establishment and your personnel. However, when you have so many other duties, it might be tough to prioritize.

If you are unable to do the scheduling assignment yourself, you have the option of delegating it to someone else as the business’s owner. This will assist in reducing some of the strain you are under.

Being your boss also makes it easier to take vacations and be there for your family when you need to be since you don’t have to worry about the actual job on the floor being done by others.

There is never a time when a company owner can genuinely be “gone”; if an emergency happens, your counsel and support may be required regardless of where you are and what you are doing.

If you work as an employee in a salon, you do not have complete discretion over the hours that you are scheduled to work. When you work is determined by your customers and your employer. When you are designed when your family needs your assistance, it is common for them to take a second seat to your profession. However, as compared to the responsibilities of having your salon, there is less overall strain.

Personal Satisfaction

Everyone has a desire to do something, and for many individuals, that ambition is to be the owner of their own company. When you work for someone else, you are required to answer to them regularly.

In addition to contributing to the economy, owning a company enables you to provide employment opportunities for others. When you have the chance to follow your dreams, it may give you a sense of personal satisfaction that doing an ordinary job would never be able to provide you with.

Before starting your salon, there are a lot of things to consider. While it will require a lot of effort and perseverance, there are several advantages to doing so. Before beginning a company, it is usually a good idea to assess the advantages and disadvantages.

Every day, many companies collapse due to a lack of funds and effort on the company owner. To avoid falling victim to this statistic, you must ensure that you have considered every eventuality and are well prepared for it.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

Owning your own company not only provides an excellent chance to be your boss and make a livelihood doing what you like, but it also provides the potential to finally achieve the elusive life balance that you’ve been searching for.

Work-life balance, a dedicated team, and a great work atmosphere within a booming business enable you to relax after work and enjoy some alone time.

While you have a devoted and supportive team of skincare professionals that are well-regarded in the industry, you can rest easy that your company is in excellent hands when you’re not on the clock, enabling you to take advantage of your well-deserved time off.

Connecting with Your Clients

Working in the beauty and cosmetics sector is one of the most individually and socially gratifying professions available today. You have the power to make a difference in people’s lives via anything from daily treatments and skin consultations to developing long-lasting connections with your clients.

You have the opportunity to educate individuals about one of their most essential investments: their skin by providing them with professional beauty and skincare advice. It is possible that this sharing of information, as well as the satisfaction that comes from making individuals look and feel their best daily, will generate a lasting emotional benefit for both you and your customers and that this will become your favorite “work perk.”

In addition to meeting extraordinary individuals and increasing their confidence, you will build up your local clientele and, as a result, receive notoriety in your community as a result of your efforts.

Main Spa Business Challenges

Your staff does not see a future with you.

Many executives in the spa business have expressed concern about the high turnover rates in their organizations. According to Lindsay Ebbin, co-founder and president of Make Up Factory, a significant problem has to do with leadership transitions, notably getting to know and adapting to the communication styles of new leaders.

A study conducted by the International Spa Association (ISPA) found that culture and work environment is the most critical reasons workers prefer to remain with their present employer. Therefore, make your company’s culture more appealing to potential and current workers by providing them with something to be passionate about.

According to the study’s findings, more than a fifth of service providers does not feel motivated by their bosses, with 68 percent leaving their prior position because of bad management. Find strategies to communicate to your employees that they are an essential part of what makes your company successful in resolving this issue in your firm. In most cases, just increasing one’s confidence level is all that is required to witness a behavior change.

The spa’s retail items aren’t moving.

According to the ISPA Snapshot Survey on Retail results conducted in May 2017, 56 percent of spa respondents said retail sales account for more than 10% of their overall income. That accounts for a significant chunk of the bottom line. But, unfortunately, retail spa items do not and will not sell themselves on their own merits.

Sales empowerment begins with convincing employees that selling is nothing more than having a conversation—something they are already very good at!

Inconsistent customer service

So much of how an employee serves a client is influenced by their level of satisfaction (or lack thereof). So, first and foremost, if you want your consumers to be satisfied, you must ensure that your personnel is satisfied.

Employee satisfaction has a significant impact on how well your staff serves your customers and clients. Try encouraging a wellness program via a workplace incentives system that awards employees for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Take good care of your employees so that they can take good care of your visitors, and this involves prioritizing their well-being above anything else in your organization.

No repeat customers.

Pamela Maes, the owner of Mirbeau Inn and Spa, believes her most significant difficulty is meeting and surpassing the ever-increasing expectations of her visitors. It might be difficult to wow the client of 2018, given the wealth of information available to them at their fingertips.

Unfortunately, if your consumers do not feel adequately cared for, they will not continue to do business with you. Therefore, you must entice your customers to return again and again. Demonstrate a genuine interest in learning about them and their interests. Instead of thinking of them as customers, feel about them as people, friends, or someone close to you. The development of customer connections should always be your number one focus. In 2018, it was all about the consumer experience, and nothing else mattered.

You are overworking.

As previously stated, the culture of working long hours in the spa industry exists. Most people understand it to be just a “common aspect of the work.” Those many hours will eventually catch up with you. Try making a few adjustments to your daily routine and business operations before they happen.

Working smarter still entails working hard, but on a more frequent basis. Take 10 minutes each night to jot down your to-do list for the next day. Make a timetable for your day. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and allow you to feel more in charge of your company and your life overall.

You want more clients.

To increase the likelihood of recurring business via sales and services, consider the following: This is a question for which there is no clear-cut answer. Encourage your best customers to post reviews or offer testimonials on your website. On the other hand, it is a terrific way to get things started.

According to the State of Online Reviews Report published by Podium, 93 percent of buyers believe online reviews influence their buying choices. So the word-of-mouth strategy is back in style, and boosting internet reviews may significantly enhance your company’s revenue potential.

Spa overwhelm

This is, without a doubt, a beneficial issue to have, but it is also a hurdle that must be overcome. If overcrowding or overbooking is a problem for you, consider increasing your spa’s capacity, upgrading to more intuitive spa software, or employing extra staff to alleviate the situation.

Pros and Cons of a Spa Business


  • Demand is high, and the industry is relatively recession-proof.
  • Hourly wages are pretty high.
  • You position yourself as an authority figure.
  • Can establish a strong foundation with clients.


  • Overhead costs are high.
  • You may have to charge sales tax.
  • Time commitment is required.
  • You may be experiencing financial difficulties.
  • When you manage a company from home, it presents more significant difficulty.

Spa Marketing Strategies with Case Studies

Local SEO

Prospective customers will use the internet to do the majority of their research. No matter whether they’re searching for a new spa to visit or are entirely new to the world of luxury treatments, it’s probable that these customers will turn to the internet for suggestions on which spa to visit.

Make sure your company appears in the top few results when people search for local spas. Claim your local listings on Google Places, Bing Places, and Yahoo Localworks to ensure that your business is found. Making a profile for your company and personalizing it with frequently updated information and images makes it easier for local customers to locate you straight away on the internet.

Another excellent strategy to improve local SEO is to create and maintain a blog that focuses on the following topics:

  • Your niche
  • Your specific community
  • Your services

Taking this chance to connect with prospective clients on a personal level is a beautiful idea. Your blog’s content may be modified to meet the values and requirements of the individuals who live in your community.

Spa Social Media Marketing

When it comes to reaching a large and diverse audience, social media is a highly effective instrument. It is one of the most efficient spa marketing tactics because it is personalized, cost-effective, and practical.

Several factors contribute to its effectiveness. Facebook has a user base of 2 billion people, while Instagram has around 800 million people. These are only two examples of the many platforms available. This highlights just how large your potential audience can be when you use social media to promote your business.

Social media may assist you in promoting your company both actively and passively. You put out the work necessary to create relevant and compelling content and updates on your blog. Your followers will then “like” them and “share” them regularly with their friends and family.

A post or update that receives a large number of likes and shares enhances your reputation and makes you seem worthy of a person’s time and attention. While you may purchase advertisements on social media networks, merely having a company page that consumers can follow can provide you with a significant amount of visibility.

Promotional freebies on social media may also inspire people to participate by liking or sharing posts, which can help you generate more leads. As a result, participation increases as a result of making it easier for them to participate.

Cooperate with Non-Competitive Local Businesses

Promoting health and well-being is at the heart of what the spa sector does. In recognition of this fundamental purpose, numerous local businesses form alliances and collaborate on a common goal.

Consider collaborating with the following people:

  • Hairdressers and stylists
  • Makeup artists
  • Dietitians and nutritionists
  • Holistic medicine practitioners
  • Chiropractors

This group of companies will have customers who are comparable to your own. Customers who seek their services are likely to seek your services, as are clients who seek their services. This may be of use to you in a variety of ways, as follows:

Your spa may be recommended to its customers by these other companies. Because they have already established themselves as a reliable organization in the eyes of their customers, they will be more eager to test out their recommendations.

Additionally, there is potential for cross-promotion. Through tactics such as internal flyer distribution, business card distribution, and posted ads, it is feasible for businesses to attract more clients for one another.

Make a Great First Impression

As the adage goes, “the first impression is the last impression.” This is undoubtedly true.

And, particularly in an industry like yours, where customer experiences are everything, ensuring that every new client has an excellent first visit is one of the most effective marketing methods available, according to research. It will assist you in attracting more clients to your spa and converting new customers into repeat customers.

Concentrate on offering exceptional experiences at every stage of the process.

Ascertain that they are made to feel welcome. Check them in as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Keep an eye out for their desires and requirements, learn about their preferences, and integrate their feedback into the service delivery process. Make them feel comfortable by guiding them warmly to the changing rooms, designated massage or service room, and making them feel welcome.

A little reward on the initial visit is also a brilliant idea in certain situations. It might assist you in bringing in more consumers to your spa. The offer might be a freebie, a discount on items or services, or even a complimentary add-on service. For example, you may offer them a $20 discount on their first treatment, a complimentary manicure, or a 15 percent discount on their first purchase from your retail shelves, among other incentives.

These incentives will go a long way toward addressing consumer objections, particularly for customers who are on the fence about scheduling an appointment with you in the first place. Of course, nothing can be sure, but it could just be the extra push they need to click on the Book button.

While we’re on the subject of delivering enticing bargains, don’t forget to publicize your spa’s specials and promotions throughout holidays and special events. It is possible to give limited-time discounts, freebies, service bundles, and anything else that you believe your clients would find appealing. This way, you’ll be able to make the most of every occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays.

Google My Business Listing

Google is the world’s most popular search engine, handling more than 90 percent of all search requests on a global scale. As a result, your spa company is becoming more necessary to be present on this platform to get greater visibility and exposure.

Wouldn’t you want people in the surrounding areas to come to you when looking for a spa, wouldn’t you? However, in this to occur, they must be able to 1) locate you, 2) obtain relevant information about you, and 3) book your services! A Google My Business listing does precisely that!

As an illustration, the following is an example of Google search results for “spa in Manhattan.” Take note that the top few organic results are Google My Business listings for related spas, which include their locations, contact information, opening hours, and ratings, in addition to other information.

Anyone interested in scheduling a spa treatment may do so by selecting one of the choices listed above and scheduling an appointment directly via Google.

Leverage an Online Scheduler

Manual reservations made via phone calls and emails are no longer available. Because they need extensive back and forth scheduling, they take up a significant amount of your time and effort, are not very convenient for you or your clients, and may result in duplicate and incorrect reservations as well as no-shows!

With the aid of spa booking software that automates the scheduling process, you can streamline the whole appointment booking procedure for your spa. In addition, it gives your consumers the ability to make meetings on their own time, even outside of your office hours and at their convenience.
You will never have to deal with the inconveniences of manual scheduling again. In addition, you’ll have more time to devote to expanding your spa business.

More than merely automating the scheduling process, the correct scheduling software, Appointy, can assist you with various other tasks. It will help you achieve your objectives by using features that serve as spa marketing tools.

  • It enables you to distribute your booking link via many channels, increasing the number of reservations through your website, Google, Facebook, Instagram, brochures, promotional emails, online directories, review sites, and other sources.
  • No-shows and informal appointments are reduced due to automated email and SMS reminders, as well as online prepayments. In addition, rescheduling and canceling appointments are straightforward and may be accomplished with a simple drag and drop or with a single click!
  • Spa clients will have a more customized spa experience if you include elements such as gift certificates, discount coupons, intake forms, digital SOAP notes, online reputation management, waiver forms, and other similar tools in your system.
  • Enhance the administration of your spa with resource management, personnel management, and a mobile app that allows you to keep track of your calendar and reservations while you are on the move!
  • Making well-informed choices is easier when you have reporting and analytics options that allow you to keep track of essential data, such as the number of appointments scheduled and sales made. Customer happiness is also tracked, as is employee productivity.

Use a Spa Selfie Booth

Have you ever pondered how to advertise your spa company without spending an excessive amount of time and money? Set up a selfie booth or a selfie station to capture everyone’s attention! The bottom line is that you’ll increase your brand exposure while providing your consumers with a fun and contemporary experience!

Selfies and sharing aspects of one’s life on the internet are popular pastimes for many people. If they agree, you may even post these images on your social media accounts if you get permission from them. As a result, your customers will serve as brand ambassadors, and you will be able to use actual, happy individuals in your advertising. Isn’t this a brilliant concept for a spa advertising campaign?

Case Studies

The Upper-Level Spa


Since opening its doors in 2007, the Upper-Level Spa has been committed to delivering consistent treatments using high-quality ingredients.

Being the first Certified Estheticians in San Diego in the Art of Body Sugaring for more than a decade has allowed them to develop this method and clientele like the unique approach for Brazilian bikini and entire body hair removal that they provide to them.


Typical of a recently established small company business, The Upper-Level Spa discovered that their brand was no longer developing as swiftly as it once had. Both proprietors were too busy to devote time to marketing and had little to no technological advancements.

They were losing their brand identity and customer loyalty due to a lack of consistency in distributing brand messaging at the Spa level. They also had a limited social media presence, no email marketing, and no mobile presence.


  • Because The Upper-Level Spa was in desperate need of many different marketing efforts, a plan had to be implemented. A schedule was devised, with the most vital and most minor time-consuming aspects being completed first, followed by the remaining elements. Because the new Booking system and eCommerce system would take the longest to develop, they constructed the mobile app and website to be as time-efficient as possible while those systems were being designed. Each of the three projects would be finished and fully functioning within three months.
  • A clear and consistent branding message was developed and implemented across all media.
  • All types of media would be used to communicate the same message. They also ensured that the Mobile App would be pushed across the website and social media platforms to underline its significance and value further. All critical announcements regarding special events or discounts were sent out through push notifications, social media, email newsletters, and a message bar at the top of the website’s home page.
  • A mobile application was developed to boost their mobile presence and brand loyalty.
  • The Upper-Level Spa team positioned their mobile app as the most crucial instrument for promoting the brand. So they made sure that every client or prospective consumer they came into touch with downloaded the app.
  • As a result of treating the app as a digital business card, they observed a significant rise in online booking and conversion. In addition, users who downloaded the app were 90 percent more likely to call the spa to schedule an appointment.
  • When The Upper-Level Spa looked for a more sophisticated booking system, they switched from Genbook to Booker. Their findings were that the booker system had an excellent client management system. In addition, they were incredibly impressed with the marketing tools supplied, including service/product discount coupons and Mail Chimp connectivity.
  • Because of its robust customer management system and integration with the Appointment Booking system, the firm determined that The Booker System would also be the ideal eCommerce solution after doing extensive study in this area.

  • The company uploaded more than 300 goods, each with a picture and a description.
    They were able to include the shopping cart and booking system into Facebook as direct connections.
  • A bespoke Facebook banner and a video promoting the mobile app were made to raise awareness of the mobile application.

  • The company also collected emails via three distinct channels, including the Mobile App, the website, and the Booker System.

  • Each of these opt-in categories was separated from the rest of the email lists so that they could monitor and sell to them separately.
  • A strategy of posting monthly blogs was adopted to aid in the improvement of SEO and consumer awareness. The blog would include one service, one product, and one beauty advice every month.


Suite 103


Suite 103 is a medical rejuvenation spa located in Salem, New Hampshire, in the greater Boston region. Suite 103 provides Botox injections, facials, peels, and cosmetics procedures, among other things.


Suite 103 is located in an area with a lot of other businesses competing for customers. Medical spas may be found in abundance around the greater Boston region, and the search engine space for many specialized keywords is quite crowded as a result. In addition, they have a website that has had almost no SEO or web marketing efforts made on it in the prior years.


  • Their objective from the outset was to create high-quality, search-engine-optimized website content. As a result, the majority of service pages had a reasonable quantity of information. In my opinion, these about 300-400 words are a beautiful, healthy amount of content to have on a service page or product page.
  • They did thorough keyword research, blended those keywords with localized variants unique to their geographical location, wrote custom metadata, optimized URL structures, created an XML sitemap, optimized images, and coded their website with solid clean coding to achieve success.


  • 23 keywords in position #1
  • 36 keywords in top #3
  • 49 keywords on page #1

Final Thoughts

The spa industry is vast, but the segment of digital spa marketing for this industry is relatively new. As more people are being exposed to it, they want to learn more.

Digital marketing strategies are some of the most potent methods currently being used in the online space. As a result, anyone using some newer strategies will have an edge on those businesses that have not modernized their marketing techniques.

This new form of digital marketing focuses on growing website traffic through multiple targeted campaigns. This will allow spa owners to reach potential customers at one time on multiple platforms instead of just one or two media.

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