UK-Based Financial Professionals-Psychographic Profile


To build psychographic details to help understand UK-based financial professionals’ attitudes, motivations, and challenges faced when attempting to meet qualifications or attain additional professional development and training. This work will inform a strategy to persuade financial professionals to engage in more training from entities like the Chartered Insurance Institute.

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Financial Professionals Psychographics

The common psychographic attributes of financial professionals show that they thrive in high pressure working conditions, are willing to work for an extended period, and are motivated by additional job benefits.

Barriers to Obtaining Skills and Training

  • Due to the highly dynamic pace of the digital transformation of the financial industry, financial professionals in the UK found it hard to catch up with the right skill levels.
  • For most aspiring managers, including those in the financial industry, lack of interest in developing the necessary skills serve as a barrier in obtaining the needed qualifications and training.
  • Aspiring financial managers are also unsure of the requirements to get into the profession.
  • The high cost of training newbies in the industry is also preventing financial services firms to provide the required professional training for them.
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