Best In Class Examples of Utility Advertising & Marketing (With Results)

Marketing campaigns by Baltimore Gas & Electric and Southern Califronia Gas Co. are two best-in-class marketing campaigns from utility/energy companies in the U.S. focused on increasing consumer perceptions and the reputation of the utility brand. The campaigns are considered best-in-class as they have been recognized by industry leaders as ideal marketing campaigns.

1. Baltimore Gas & Electric

  • The storytelling technique introduced by the Baltimore Gas & Electric “Fairy Tale” marketing campaign used a specific series of animated characters to educate and inspire customers about how to conserve energy and money.
  • The two-dimensional animation style was used for the animated campaign. Each story focuses on showcasing one of the programs’ main features and selling points and explains how participating will help clients live energy efficiently ever after.
  • The campaign was available on TVprint, digital, billboards, and physical mail across Maryland to reach customers.
  • Baltimore Gas & Electric was awarded the most “Outstanding Achievement in Residential Marketing” by the Association of Energy Services Professionals.
  • It also won the 2020 E Source Utility Ad Awards for energy efficiency and demand response.
  • Screenshots of the marketing campaign can be found here.


2. Southern California Gas Co.

  • Southern California Gas Co. launched the “The Sun’s Dream Job” campaign to raise awareness, inform customers and companies about benefits and incentives, raise rebate applications.
  • The innovative strategy was designed to be simple, yet humorous and memorable. The advertisement featured the use of the sun as a lovable character doing his job of heating the water in homes or businesses for customers.
  • The marketing campaign was promoted on billboards, radio, TV, use of influencer campaigns, social and digital media.
  • The campaign was recognized as the best campaign in the solar category in the 2020 E Source Utility Ad Awards.
  • Screenshots of the marketing campaign can be found here.


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