Best Practices in Influencer Marketing for CPG Brands

According to Inc. Magazine’s Inc 5000, Mavrck is one of the “nation’s fastest-growing private companies and fastest-growing influencer marketing platform.” As such, insights from this industry leader and expert have been utilized to illustrate, identify, and present best practices in influencer marketing for CPG brands.

Best Practices


Within the ecosystem of influencer marketing shown above, brands do best when they focus on inspiring demand, affirming need, and validation of the consumer experience.

1. Inspire Demand

  • Brands should create original content (including things like social posts and videos, blogs, and cursed recommendations) which will help to accelerate discovery and consideration.
  • 74% of surveyed consumers say they are more likely to further explore a product when it is suggested by someone they know and/or trust.
  • Godiva inspires an accelerated path to purchase with influencer and user generated content as shown below:


  • As a result, Godiva achieved a 43% increase in organic brand engagement on Instagram.
  • Kraft Foods implemented an influencer-led campaign surrounding the #LoveforKraft hashtag on Instagram. As a result, the brand saw the following:


  • “Hundreds of influencers across YouTube and Instagram, some with millions of followers, partnered with HelloFresh or joined the affiliate program, according to IDG Advertising.” An example of one of their influencer-led efforts can be seen in a post from “fitness and lifestyle vlogger Remi Cruz, who has about 3.9 million subscribers between two channels on YouTube, partnered with HelloFresh in 2019 in a video titled “Cooking with Remi is Back.” The video, which garnered nearly 400,000 views since, shows Cruz cooking a HelloFresh meal and sharing her code that gives viewers $80 off their order.”

2. Affirm Need

3. Validate Experience

  • Empower the influencer network to submit product reviews and ratings which will help to boost review volume and rating quality across SKUs.
  • 81% of consumers state they read what other people post online about a particular product before making a purchase decision.
  • Brands can see a 10-15% increase in sales when there is a corollary increase in reviews and ratings.
  • The first and last touchpoint in the consumer journey is reading reviews.
  • Amazon’s influencer marketing ecosystem can be seen in the below graphic:
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